The Queensland Radio Control Helicopter Association inc (QRCHA) was formed in 1989, to foster the growing interest in R/C helicopters.  At that time, there was very few experienced pilots, and learner numbers were growing. The Association now provides free advice, set up information and flying lessons.

QRCHA grew over time to the stage where more “local” fields were needed, we now control 3 main “public” sites, and a few private fields too; and member numbers are constantly increasing.

 QRCHA also provides a public liability insurance package for modellers, this is included in all Club/Assoc. membership fees.

It is a condition of use of ALL the QRCHA facilities that flyers are insured, hence the need to ensure that all flyers are registered Club/Assoc. members, potential members are permitted to fly 4 times, under instruction by an approved member, before Club/Assoc. membership is mandatory.

QRCHA has a number of nationally accredited Helicopter( and fixed wing) Instructors amongst it’s members; these Instructors carry out testing for the proficiency awards as needed, at our fields and other events as well.

Most of all, QRCHA promotes a fun, hassle free, flying environment, that’s what this hobby is all about!

The 2017/2018 Membership form can be downloaded here – QRCHA Membership Application 17/18.

For any Membership related issues, please contact our club Treasurer