QRCHA affiliates with AMAS

QRCHAinc recently decided to affiliate with AMAS, and to facilitate AMAS members joining QRCHAinc , and flying at our fields.. See the LINKS page for AMAS info..

Our affiliation with MAAQ/MAAA¬† remains, to give members a choice…

The membership page and form will be modified soon , any queries to the Secretary please ….

Castle Creations ICE HV ESC’s

QRCHAinc hereby advises that , until further notice , use of the ICE HV series of ESC’s as listed on Castle Creations recall notice SA2011-03; found here, CASTLE RECALL NOTICE, is NOT PERMITTED at any of the QRCHAinc fields…

QRCHAinc Executive..

QRCHA launch their new website

QRCHA Inc. is happy to announce that as of today our new website is operational.

We hope that the new website will allow us to keep our members more up to date, and provide a good platform for future expansions in functionality.